No more costly surprises, here comes Fixed-Bid.

We believe in our skills. Unlike most of our competitors, whenever we estimate the effort required to fulfill your needs, we put a lot of thought and experience into it and we are confident in our estimation. With us you'll know exactly what to expect. If someone can't lock in their number, question their confidence.

We are Fixed-Bid

Stay lean, give True-Value

Here at SuiteStars ERP, securing your investment is a top priority. We've opted for a lean workforce because we know that it's the best for you. No more paying for an intern's training, for a big team's communication overhead, for the HR department's salary, etc., our team is solely composed of Stars. We focus on NetSuite. You get what you paid for, which is exactly how it should be.

We provide True-Value.

Meet Your Stars

 To deliver the highest level of quality, you have to have the best and that's precisely what we have. We purposely limit the size of our team and keep only highly skilled, cherry-picked Stars who excel both in the technical and functional world. Quality is not only mandatory, it's a given.

We guarantee quality.


We Are Heavily Certified

Friendly Individuals

Tech & Business Savvy

We Understand Your Priorities

We Make Them Ours

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